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Lancel Launches Le Bardot ...

Publié le par Ricard Bruno

Collection in Hong Kong

French fashion brand Lancel has launched the much anticipated Le Bardot Bag in its Hong Kong stores. The Le Bardot Bag Collection is designed to capture the style and the famous hourglass silhouette of screen legend Brigitte Bardot.

A collaboration between Bardot and Lancel’s new Artistic Director, Leonello, it’s the first Lancel collection made without the use of leather which is consistent with Bardot’s support for animal rights. The Le Bardot bags are made of two main materials – tweed and alcantara — both from organic cotton but still preserve a luxurious feel while being eco-friendly.

Pastel colors are the dominant color palette with linings made of pink plaid fabric. This is a reference to the famous frill skirts, a Bardot favorite. Other details include the pockets named St. Tropez refering to an important place for the actress, who was known to capture 1950’s Saint Tropez (and the world) with her carefree style.

Lancel Le Bardot Bag retails for HK$ 7,590.

Source : http://red-luxury.com/2010/09/01/lancel-launches-le-bardot-collection-in-hong-kong/

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